• What’s missing to master programmatic cross-device advertising in 2016

    On average, a household has 7.4 connected devices, each with a different use. However, it is still difficult to master cross-device advertising in 2016, especially in programmatic buying. Here is why …

  • Are Bots The Future Of Mobile Advertising?

    Bots have gotten themselves a bad name over the past few years, in no small way due to their role in ad fraud, where they have been used to simulate human traffic registering page impressions or clicks on ads, but all that might be about to change. In the fast-expanding world of mobile advertising, the once-shunned bot may turn out to be the saviour of every clued-in marketer.

  • Smart AdServer becomes Numbate’s full-stack solution

    Numbate – branding arm of Mozoo Group – has selected Smart AdServer – Full Stack Ad Technology Platform – to support its continued growth in direct sales while taking Numbate Marketplace, its programmatic offering, to the next level.

  • Mobile Trends: what mobile experts are expecting in 2016

    When interviewed on what will be the main topics for mobile advertising in 2016, mobile experts discussed and gave their opinion on exciting topics such as mobile programmatic buying, creative innovation in mobile advertising, VR, cross-device strategies and the developing markets in Asia.

  • Mobile Fraud: how mobile experts fight against fraudulent behaviour

    Mobile experts gave their opinion on fraud and how to fight it. As fraud is an increasingly key topic in the industry those days, market players have to better understand fraud and get more involved in the war against fraudulent behaviours.

  • Interviewing mobile experts at MWC 2016: Nicolas Rieul – Mobile Strategist at Amplifi

    “Last month at MWC 2016, we interviewed Nicolas Rieul – Mobile Strategist at Amplifi France.
    As cross-device strategies will develop rapidly this year and the years to come in the advertising industry, Nicolas Rieul highlighted the fact that one of the biggest challenges for market players from the mobile advertising industry will be to show the attribution of mobile in global advertising campaigns.”

  • Jules Minvielle – CEO at Mozoo Group – discussed mobile programmatic inventories at the Programmatique Expo 2016 in Paris

    Last week, our CEO Jules Minvielle gave a presentation at the Programmatique Expo 2016 in Paris. Alongside our partner at 20 Minutes France, we talked about our usage of programmatic inventories on mobile and what are the challenges we are facing in today’s industry.

  • AOL signs a privileged partnership with Numbate – the branding arm of Mozoo Group

    We are proud to announce that AOL and Numbate – the branding arm of Mozoo Group – signed a technology partnership. For Numbate, this partnership involves the use of the AOL platform as a mobile video SSP for its video inventories.

  • Interviewing mobile experts at the MWC 2016: Mike Reynolds – IAB UK

    Last month at the MWC 2016, we met Mike Reynolds – specialist in mobile advertising in the Internet Advertising Bureau UK. Talking about virtual reality and weareables as the major trends of 2016 in the mobile industry, he explained that using the “rich data” collected from IoT devices can help advertisers to build their mobile advertising strategy.

  • What we learned from the MWC 2016

    The ‪MWC‬ 2016 is now over and yet, discussions streamed in from every direction. From the mobile advertising eyesight, here are the main points you should keep in mind.